USCIS Revises Policies of Expedited Processing

USCIS Revises Policies of Expedited Processing

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U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has revised some of its immigration policies regarding expedited processing, requests for evidence (RFE), notices of intent to deny (NOID), and employment authorization documents (EADs). Recent policy changes aspire to create a more fair and functional process of legal immigration. Now USCIS has prepared well-rounded guidance for when expedited processing may be warranted for benefit requests.

Furthermore, agency officers will have to issue RFEs and NOIDs instead of directly denying certain benefit requests. And the one-year validity period for initial and renewal EADs is extended to two years for certain noncitizen adjustment-of-status applicants.The new validity period is designed to ease the burden of EADS applications on USCIS and allocate more time and resources for other urgent immigration areas.


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