Office Action Response

Office Action Response

After your trademark is sent for approval to The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), you may be subjected to an office action submitted by the USPTO. Action letters are sent to applicants to indicate minor or major legal issues on application files as well as to provide them with the necessary time to correct them.

USPTO expects applicants to address every legal issue raised in the action letter and be directly responsive to each of them for a clear resolution. This is a highly crucial matter since unless you carefully follow and meet the required changes before refiling the application, your new trademark registration application will almost certainly be rejected. Moreover, responding to the USPTO action letter might be tiresome as much as confusing for applicants without any professional legal help and guidance. This is because refiled applications without any legal supervision might lead to another rejection of the trademark and thus, might cost you your time as well as money.

Grape Law is here to help you ensure that your response to USPTO action letters is properly managed and carefully addressed. Our solution and result-driven service will be responding to every legal issue with the same attention and scrutiny, whether it is a minor or major one. We believe in our legal expertise and the trust you bestow upon us to reach our goal without any further delay and future concerns!


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