Talent and Performance Visas

O-1B Visa

O-1B Visa is a nonimmigrant worker visa issued to foreign nationals who have extraordinary abilities or achievements in the fields of arts, motion pictures, and television.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • The applicant must have a proven record of tremendous achievement in the arts, the motion picture, and the television industry. Achievements can be documented with internationally recognized awards, honors, and testimonials such as Tony, Grammy, Emmy, Golden Globe, Oscar Awards, etc.
  • Furthermore, the applicant can work with his/her immigration attorney to prepare alternative evidentiary documents such as;
  • The evidence that the applicant has starred, and will star in productions or events that have been promoted as distinguished in critical reviews, commercial promotions, media releases, etc.
  • The evidence that the applicant has gained national or international fame is evidenced by critical reviews or media publications in major newspapers, trade journals, magazines, etc.
  • The evidence that the applicant has undertaken, and will undertake in a lead, starring, or essential role for organizations and establishments of distinguished fame as evidenced by written pieces in newspapers, publications, testimonials, or trade journals
  • The evidence that the applicant has a resume of great commercial, critically acclaimed, or any other professional achievements as evidenced by television or online ratings, favoring critical reviews in leading magazines, journals, newspapers, etc.
  • The evidence that the applicant has garnered wide-ranging recognition from organizations, government agencies, and critics that have the expertise in the applicant's related field of practice
  • The evidence that the applicant has, or will have a large salary for services s/he has performed, or will perform, as compared to other people in the applicant’s field of expertise

Family Members:

The spouses and unmarried children (under the age of 21) can accompany the applicant with an O-3 visa. Dependents’ O-3 visa validity duration will be the same as the applicant's, and they will be subjected to the same limitations that the applicant is subjected to.


Your initial stay can be a maximum of three years. 

Yes, you can. However, USCIS makes extension decisions on a case-by-case basis. Extensions can be granted up to one year in increments.   

No, they cannot. However, they can study full or part-time under O-3 status. 

Yes, you can. Your new employer should file the I-129 Form with the USCIS as your first employer did. Your new employer must also provide necessary evidence showing that he/she is your new employer. 

Fortunately, the O1-B Visa processing time is relatively short. Though it depends on the service center reviewing your case, it usually takes three to four months.   


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