Talent and Performance Visas

P-1 Visa

P-1 Visa is a type of nonimmigrant worker visa for individuals who are internationally recognized athletes, or members of internationally recognized athletics teams or entertainment groups. P-1 Visa consists of two categories as P-1A for Athletes, and P-1B for Entertainment Groups.

Both P-1 Visa categories have their eligibility requirements.

Eligibility Requirements for P-1A Visa:

  • The applicant must show achievement of an extraordinary level of performance and international recognition if the candidate is an individual athlete.
  • Team must demonstrate that the team together has achieved internationally. recognition if the candidate is a part of a team
  • The applicant must be coming to the U.S to participate in an event or competition or perform as an internationally recognized athlete or on athletic teams.
  • There must be a U.S. employer, agent, or sponsor.

Eligibility Requirements for P-1B Visa:

  • Entertainment groups must have extraordinary achievements and consequently gain international recognition.
  • At least 75 percent of the entertainment group has had a consistent relationship with the group at least for a year.
  • The entertainment group must be employed by a U.S. employer, agent, or sponsor.
However, for more information on the documents you need to provide as proof of your eligibility, please refer to the section “evidence to submit” on the USCIS website.


The duration of a P-1 Visa depends on the time for the visa beneficiaries to complete their events in the United States. However, the initial stay on P-1 cannot exceed a full year for both P-1A and P-1B Visas.

P-1A beneficiaries can get a one-time extension of up to 5 years while P-1B beneficiaries can be granted one-year extensions in increments.  

Your family is not authorized to work on P-1 status, but they can attend non-academic, vocational studies.  

No. You are required to be a member of an entertainment group to be eligible for a P-1B Visa. 


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